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Concrete Garb

Dec 21, 2021

Today, the Garb brings you a construction attorney, Jeff Coleman with Coleman & Erickson, LLC out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Jeff has been a colleague of mine for about a decade.  He focuses his practice on construction law, professional liability defense, concrete construction and general business law.
But that's not all!  Another fun fact about Mr. Coleman is that he has been a licensed structural engineer since 1977. Which makes my man dangerous to anyone who challenges Jeff in the courtroom. 
I've known Mr. Coleman more for his knowledge and experience in the area of concrete construction, Coleman is the author of Legal Issues in Concrete Construction (1st and 2nd editions). Which I have both signed copies!  
He is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute. In order for an industry professional to be an ACI Fellow, they must have outstanding contributions to the production or use or design or construction of concrete.  In other words they must have made an impact on the industry.  A Fellow is also required to have made significant contributions to ACI through volunteering to committees and/or their local chapters. This type of recognition does not happen overnight.  Did I mention he served as the president of the American Concrete Institute in 2020/21?  
Ladies and gentlemen, Concrete Garb presents an authority of concrete construction law and respected leader in the concrete community, Mr. Jeff Coleman.