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Concrete Garb

Dec 15, 2021

Today, the Garb brings you a true leader in servant leadership, Howard Behar.  Howard Behar is a renowned business leader, author, speaker, and mentor who has influenced the lives of numerous men and women at all stages and levels of their careers.
For 21 years Behar led Starbuck’s domestic business as President of North America.  During his tenure, he participated in the growth of the company from only 28 stores to over 15,000 stores spanning five continents.  Howard is committed to the development and education of our future leaders and has been a longtime advocate of the Servant Leadership Model. His motivational message inspires everyone to be servant leaders and to lead with their values first. Howard has sustained a work ethic and level of integrity which has had a profound impact on hundreds and even thousands of people who have been touched by his example.
Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Mr. Howard Behar.  The most passionate person I've ever heard discuss "servant leadership".  
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