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Concrete Garb

Jun 12, 2023

Today we have a repeat guest, Mr. Bob Irwin.  Bob was a guest on the Garb back in March of 2015 in episode #3.  Bobs passion for the concrete flatwork industry is second to none and that's the reason to have him on the garb for another round.  Now retired, Bob spent 39 years at Stephens and Smith, ending his career as the Flatwork department Vice President.  Bob and I met in 2006 and soon learned Bob was very passionate about the concrete industry.
Bob was President of the American Concrete Institute Nebraska Chapter in 2009 and in 2015.  He has been a huge supporter of organizations such as Concrete Cares of Nebraska and has worked hard on attracting the next generation of concrete finishers via various coop programs dating back to the 80's.  He has also been instrumental with ACI's Flatwork Finisher class as an instructor.