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Concrete Garb

Oct 8, 2021

Today we bring you two key instructors from the Building Construction Technology department at Southeast Community College -Milford Campus, Mr. Jason Adams & Mr. Bruce Stutzman.  Jason is the Program Director & Instructor for Building Construction Technology program.  Jason is a graduate from SCC's Building Construction Technology and Architectural-Engineering program.  Bruce is also a graduate of Southeast community college in architectural engineering. He worked with Roth & Troyer Construction as a concrete foundation contractor before moving on and starting his own company as a residential concrete flatwork contractor. Bruce was recruited to specifically teach SCC's new 1 year diploma, Concrete Construction Technician.
There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in Milford and if you are a concrete contractor in Nebraska or if you have any vested interest in the construction programs in Milford, whether your a graduate or looking to hire.  This podcast episode is for you!
Talking Points in this Episode:
  • Overview of SCC Building Construction Technology Program.
  • Reaping the rewards of teaching
  • What it takes to be successful at SCC
  • Certification Programs at SCC
  • NEW 1 year diploma for a "Concrete Construction Technician"
  • Recruiting and promoting new programs like the Concrete Construction Technician?
  • Future facilities - new trades building.
SCC-Milford Building Construction Technology Program Website
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