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Concrete Garb

Oct 7, 2021

Today we bring you two of our top dogs at Stephens & Smith Construction who have not only mentored and advised my career here at Stephens & Smith over the past 4 years, but who have also impacted and influenced the lives of many young men and women over the course of their own careers.  Mr. Brett Richert, President of Real Estate Investment Properties who oversees and manages the development of our properties such as our self storage facilities and our apartment complexes.  Also with us today is Mr. Steve Willis, President and CEO of Stephens and Smith who oversees many of our employee owners benefits such as our Corporate Stocks, 401K, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Insurance, and more.

October is a special month for us here at Stephens and Smith Construction because there is a national campaign going on called Employee Ownership month which is a month long celebration of the undeniable benefits employee ownership provides to employees, companies, local communities, and the nation.
With these two bringing a combined years of service of over 75 years here at Stephens and Smith, who better to interview in October than these two.  Settle in boys and girls and join me in welcoming Mr. Steve Willis and Mr. Brett Richert.