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Concrete Garb

Oct 14, 2016

Allow us to introduce the 93rd President of the American Concrete Institute, Mike Schneider.

Mr. Schneider is the Vice President and Chief People Officer of Baker Concrete Construction, one of the most respected concrete contractors in the nation. Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Mike was the oldest of six boys, who is raised by an electrical engineer and a registered nurse who taught them the value of hard work, the need for financial management and most importantly the importance of helping others.

Mike started his concrete career in college working as a laborer for Fenton Rigging Company in Cincinnati. He later joined Baker cement (now known as Baker concrete) in 1978, which at the time, only had 70 employees.  Today, Baker Concrete Construction as approximately 4000 employees.

Mike started his ACI legacy attending meetings for the greater Miami Valley chapter in the late 70s. In 1996, he became active by joining national committees such and the student activity committee, thus emphasizing the importance of creating relationships between industry and students.

After spending some time with Mr. Schneider, I can attest to his creditials.  He definitely has a presidential appeal.